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2023A/W ShavingCape

Receiving Note start: 12/10 (Sunday) 19:00~

* Deliveries are scheduled to be shipped in late January 2024 . Please understand this before purchasing.


A check pattern in olive green and black.
The fabric has a firm texture due to its high-density weave. It may wrinkle slightly after washing, but ironing just the fabric part will smooth out the wrinkles and restore its firmness. This is a fine item that I would like experts, who care for and love their tools as if they were their partners, to use.

The neck and hem are piped with luxurious washable leather and secured with classic-style rivets for added durability.

Nakamura Shoten carefully made UNITED GARMENT tag added to specifications.

"UNITED GARMENT" suggests that barbers come together as one and share a particular garment, style, or philosophy, while "BARBER OF THE WORLD" suggests that barbers from all over the world come together as one and share a particular garment, style, or philosophy. We assert a common unity and identity through our products. This is a sign to connect with those of you who take pride in your barber business.

The UNITED GARMENT tag made by Nakamura Shoten is hand-stamped with the year of production and product name.




100(39in) *100(39in)cm

[ material ]
Fabric (cotton/washable leather)
Button (brass)

    [Handling precautions]

    • Can be washed by hand at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees.
    • Please wash with neutral detergent or water.
    • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.
    • It cannot be dried using a dryer.
    • Please dry it in the shade out of direct sunlight.
    • Also, avoid leather parts and squeeze gently before hanging to dry.
    • Please adjust the shape of the leather parts and dry them.
    • Cannot be dry cleaned.



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