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PICCADILLY collaboration "Caldonia"

PICCADILLY collaboration "Caldonia"

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"Caldonia" Piccadilly Barber Products X NK Supply" #1

With Mr. Amemiya who operates Piccadilly Pomade

Barber cape, the first collaboration

"Caldonia" was sampled from a Louis Jordan classic.

The design supervision uses textiles that are used in vintage shirts, ties, bandanas, etc. and are loved by many men around the world as motifs, and the design is easy to use in everything from classic shops to modern stores.





145(57in) *200(78in)cm

[ material ]

Fabric (polyester/washable leather) 

    Button (brass)

      [Handling precautions]

      • Can be washed by hand at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees.
      • Please wash with mild detergent or water.
      • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.
      • It cannot be dried using a dryer.
      • Please dry it in the shade out of direct sunlight.
      • Alternatively, hang dry on a sturdy hanger while still wet without dehydrating or squeezing.
      • Please adjust the shape of the leather patch and dry it.
      • Cannot be dry cleaned.


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