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Lizard Camo

Lizard Camo

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Lizard Camo

A camouflage pattern based on brushstroke camo.

Lizard camo is a pattern that later became the original story of tiger stripe camo.

2021s/s Inner Cape (h100*w100cm)

Prevents clippings from sticking to the inside of the CuttingCape.

There is an InnerCape between the CuttingCape and the skin, so you can spend a comfortable time without worrying about sticking due to sweat.

After cutting, remove the CuttingCape and use it as a Shavingcape. It has a wide open neck design so that it does not get in the way when shaving the downy hair on the customer's neck and back.

It would be nice if the barber had that kind of fun, like choosing clothes according to one's mood. All materials including the piping around the neck are made of cotton. Oxygen-based bleach for colored fabrics can also be used when washing.

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