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Modern graffiti is an outgrowth of the hip-hop culture that began in downtown New York in the 1970s.

It all started when I used spray paint and felt-tip pens to do graffiti on walls and trains.

Currently, graffiti culture is spreading all over the world as an avant-garde art, but there are also many types of graffiti that have low moral values.

Barbershops should have a duty to nurture local youth from a different perspective than public education.

We need to show them a sense of ethics that cannot be followed through family, religion, or government.

Conversations with barbers are one of their masterpieces.

Barbershops leave an important mark in people's hearts.



145(57in) *200(78in)cm

[ material ]
Fabric (polyester/washable leather)
Button (brass)

    [Handling precautions]

    • Can be washed by hand at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees.
    • Please wash with mild detergent or water.
    • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.
    • It cannot be dried using a dryer.
    • Please dry it in the shade out of direct sunlight.
    • Alternatively, hang dry on a sturdy hanger while still wet without dehydrating or squeezing.
    • Please adjust the shape of the leather patch and dry it.
    • Cannot be dry cleaned.


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