NK Supply > In order for a barbershop to function as a "third place," we believe it is necessary to recognize your own uniqueness.

  • Barber & Apparel Nakamura Shoten believes that hairdressing is a way of life.

  • The moment a person truly feels alive is when their hair, proof of life, falls onto the cape.

  • Even customers who simply sit in silence feel the life in their hair with all five senses: the sound of the clippers, the opening and closing of scissors, and the barber's combing.

  • Can you imagine how memorable having a haircut at your salon will be when you look back on your life?

    It's not a special impact.

    It makes them realize later that it was a special time.

  • The sounds, the smells, the textures, the scenes burned into my memory as I sat in front of the mirror

  • Make sure you're thoroughly prepared.

    Does your customer's image in the mirror look sophisticated?

    Are you using all your strength to welcome them and make it a special time?

Their unique expression begins with enveloping your customers, gentlemen and ladies, in a cut cape with a classic silhouette.

You will notice that each cape has a soul, as it is crafted by a craftsman with attention to detail.

It is important that you, the craftsman, have access to creations made by our hands, rather than mass-produced industrial products.