2024s/s collection #1

2024s/s collection #1

product name: pinstripes
PRICE: ¥29,900-
size: 145(57in) *200(78in)cm
color: white/navy blue

Order date and time: November 12th (Sunday) 19:00 to November 13th (Monday) 10:00 (JST)

*Deliveries are scheduled to be shipped in late January 2024.

As this product is made to order, we do not accept refunds or cancellations once the order has been placed. Please be aware of this before ordering.

The first 20 customers who order "Pinstripes" will receive a Pinstripe editorial feature. Distribute novelty items. A4 size.

*This is an art piece that expresses a little bit of what's in the head of the designer, Mrs. K, on ​​paper. Yeah. It sounds good so I'll leave it as is.

  • This ordered item will be shipped sequentially from around late January 2024. Please note that the delivery date may vary depending on the situation and the arrival date may vary. Therefore, the delivery policy "Shipped within 5 business days after payment confirmation" is not applicable to this product.


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