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Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist who was active from the Edo period to the early Meiji period.

In addition to his ukiyo-e works, Katsushika Hokusai also created collections of patterns related to kimono patterns.

These patterns are commonly known as "Hokusai patterns." His Hokusai patterns, like other Ukiyo-e works, are characterized by elaborate and beautiful designs and are widely recognized as part of traditional Japanese patterns. Hokusai's art was wide-ranging, and his influence continues to this day in Japanese culture. His collection of patterns is an important legacy of Japanese art and fashion.

In Japan, '唐草' is pronounced 'Karakusa', which is the traditional name for this design.

Arabesque patterns are often designed to look like endless curves or the leaves and branches of lush plants such as ivy. This characteristic symbolizes eternity and continuity. Arabesques reflect Japan's aesthetic values ​​and cultural background and are an important element in traditional Japanese art and design.

We created a barber cape focusing on Hokusai's arabesque pattern.


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[ Size ]

[Material ]
Fabric (Polyester / Washable leather) 
Button (Brass)

[ Handling Precautions ]

  • Hand washable at a water temperature of 40℃ or less.  
  • Please wash with a neutral detergent or water.  
  • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.  
  • Drying in a dryer is not allowed.  
  • Dry in the shade out of direct sunlight.  
  • Hang dry on a sturdy hanger without dehydrating or wringing. 
  • Please hang dry the leather patches after shaping them.  
  • Cannot be dry-cleaned.

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