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Energy and passion, meaningful lyrics, counterculture elements, and exciting live performances - this is punk rock.

Punk rocker Sid Vicious.

He is a member of the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols. He was with the Sex Pistols for only two years.

His charismatic charm and radical performances captivated people, and his eventful life has been passed down as a legend of the punk movement.

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145(57in) *200(78in)cm

[ material ]

Fabric (polyester/washable leather) 

    Button (brass)

      [Handling precautions]

      • Can be washed by hand at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees.
      • Please wash with mild detergent or water.
      • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.
      • It cannot be dried using a dryer.
      • Please dry it in the shade out of direct sunlight.
      • Alternatively, hang dry on a sturdy hanger while still wet without dehydrating or squeezing.
      • Please adjust the shape of the leather patch and dry it.
      • Cannot be dry cleaned.


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