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Common name: Child stripe. Also called thick thin stripe.

Spinning by parents and children.

A striped pattern with a pair of thick and thin lines arranged in parallel. Outside of Japan, even a single line is called a "stripe." When we Japanese say "stripe", we imagine a striped pattern.

So, where does the striped stripe come from? It seems that it is derived from the character for ``island''.

Cloth imported from the islands of Southeast Asia through trade in the 16th century was called ``Shimamono'', and since many of these ``Shimamono'' had patterns with vertical and horizontal stripes, sometime in Japan this pattern became known as ``Shimamono.'' The island later came to be called ``Shishima.''

In the Edo period, it became a pattern loved by the common people as a kimono pattern, and the variety of patterns increased. It can be said that the Japanese aesthetic sense has sublimated the pattern, which was created based on textile techniques, to the point of creating a striped pattern.

SHIMA goes well with the classic modern store interior, which has a dignified feel.

・Dark wood color

・White wall

・Dull mint green

The compatibility is chic and recommended. Please try matching it with the main interior color of the store.

Japan's sophisticated ``chic'' culture becomes a bridge through which barbering can propose a new style of chic to the world. Japanese barber culture is important for evolving barber culture.



145(57in) *200(78in)cm

[ material ]
Fabric (polyester/washable leather)
Button (brass)

    [Handling precautions]

    • Can be washed by hand at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees.
    • Please wash with mild detergent or water.
    • Neither oxygen bleach nor chlorine bleach can be used.
    • It cannot be dried using a dryer.
    • Please dry it in the shade out of direct sunlight.
    • Alternatively, hang dry on a sturdy hanger while still wet without dehydrating or squeezing.
    • Please adjust the shape of the leather patch and dry it.
    • Cannot be dry cleaned.


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