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Our product ``Ellet'', which focuses on elegance, has a color scheme inspired by James Bond.

James Bond is a spy for the British secret service MI6, whose adventures and espionage work are derived from the novels by Ian Fleming and have been popularized in a variety of media, including movies, television, comics, and video games. I am making a profit. He is known as 007 and is a charming character with a very elegant and sophisticated style.

[A passage of James Bond trivia]

The standard cocktail I drink is the Martini. In particular, he likes to order "Voda Martini." James Bond usually prefers to make this cocktail shaken. Shaking cocktails gives them a cooler, lighter texture.

"Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred."

Tell the bartender this order and you'll be treated to a James Bond-style Martini. It takes courage, but I want to say it in a cool way like James Bond! It's elegant, isn't it?

NAME: 007
COL: Beige & navy blue/ burgundy
PRICE: ¥29,900-
size: W150cm*H200cm

  • Pre-orders for this product will be shipped sequentially from late October. Please note that the delivery date may vary depending on the situation and the arrival date may vary. Therefore, the delivery policy "Shipped within 5 business days after payment confirmation" is not applicable to this product.

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