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Energy and passion, meaningful lyrics, counterculture elements, and exciting live performances - this is punk rock.

Punk rocker Sid Vicious.

He is a member of the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols. He was with the Sex Pistols for only two years.

His charismatic charm and radical performances captivated people, and his eventful life has been passed down as a legend of the punk movement.

He was deeply in love with his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

Letters from Sid to Nancy are discovered, including one titled "What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney."

In this letter, Sid expresses his love for Nancy in 12 ways.


Those 12 words are enviably straightforward and beautiful.

I want to keep in mind the essential elements of PUNK that he continued to express throughout his life.

As a BARBERCAPE focused on PUNK.

COL: yellow&black

PRICE: ¥29,900-
size: W150cm*H200cm
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