Shaving Cape 【 176 】

Shaving Cape [176]




2023A/W ShavingCape product name: 176

Pre-sale period 10/25 22:00~10/26 07:00

Sales start date 10/27 19:00~

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Do you use a special cape when shaving your face?

Our new shaving cape has the potential to transform your facial shaving experience into something even richer.

We believe that a facial shave at a barbershop should be more than just a daily skin care routine. It should be offered as a relaxation or special experience.

The ultimate state of relaxation after shaving is when the customer feels like a deep sleep.

What caught my attention was the baby's nap.

What do you need to help your customers spend quality, relaxing time like a sleeping baby?

I'm sure those who have raised children are familiar with ``swaddling''.

If you don't have children yet, please take this opportunity to learn about them.


A swaddle is a cloth or blanket used to wrap a baby. This is used to provide a safe and secure environment similar to when your baby was in the womb.

Swaddling is also used to prevent babies from surprising themselves with sudden movements and to keep them warm.

Newborns are particularly sensitive to the outside world and are easily startled and alarmed by their own reflections.

By gently swaddling your baby, swaddling mimics the sensations of being in the womb, thereby making your baby feel secure and calm. It also helps maintain the proper temperature.

This method can help improve your night's sleep and reduce anxiety, and is universal to our species, practiced in many countries and different cultures alike.



Our shaving cape combines the comfort of wearing it like a swaddle with the luxury of leather piping. With its sophisticated handle and design and rugged durability, it will transform every shave into an exquisite experience. Please try.


2023A/W ShavingCape Product name : 176

176 uses an elegant paisley pattern with a calm orange color base.

Paisley patterns have been accepted throughout diverse cultures and eras. Arrangements and color schemes have been added in each region and era, so you can enjoy it in a variety of styles.

The unique teardrop-shaped curves and detailed decorations have a delicate and sophisticated beauty. The traditional paisley pattern exudes high-quality elegance, making your shaving experience even richer.


In addition, 176 has a UNITED GARMENT tag made by Nakamura Shoten.


"UNITED GARMENT" suggests that barbers come together as one and share a particular garment, style, or philosophy, and " BARBER OF THE WORLD " suggests that barbers from all over the world come together as one and share a particular clothing, style, or philosophy. We assert a common unity and identity through our products.

This is a sign to connect with those of you who take pride in your barbering business.

The UNITED GARMENT tag made by Nakamura Shoten is hand-stamped with the year of production and product name 176.


NAME :176
COL : dark red / paisley pattern
PRICE: ¥14,200- TAX included
size: w100cm*H100cm
material: cotton / washable leather



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